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Unscripted: Life Improvised

Tami Neumann Unscripted Whole Care NetworkYour host: Tami Neumann

Join me on the journey of spontaneous conversations as I ask the question:

What have YOU said YES to today?

What I have learned is that as you search for a life well lived, it means that you have to throw away the script and live life improvised!

Welcome to Unscripted:
Life Improvised


What does that mean? Just like improv, this show does not have a script.

In my search for authenticity, I find that by getting rid of the scripted questions, we can get to real conversations, creating candid moments of dialogue and understanding.

What Will You Find Here?

My hope is REAL conversations with REAL People!

I want to talk to people that have learned how to improve life when the curveball was thrown their way. I want to talk to people that are searching and have found JOY. I want to talk to those that are saying YES on a daily basis.

I plan to share my YEAR of YES with you. The things that I have wanted to do, and the things that I have been too afraid of doing!

Learn More About Tami

Tami Neumann is the co-creator of The Dementia RAW Method. This unique way of communicating with persons living with dementia utilizes the rules of improv to communicate and connect in a simple, yet profound way.

Tami is a Certified Dementia Communication Specialist, Certified Dementia Practitioner and has worked with persons living with dementia and their families for over 25 years. Currently, Tami is working to change the culture of memory care, through training programs for professionals and grant-funded programs for family members.

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Tami is currently on tour with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America with their Educating America tour. She is the WEGO Health Award-nominated podcaster for her podcast Conversations In Care. Tami currently studies improv under the direction of Antoine McKay, and is the owner of two adult children and a bowtie-wearing Chiweenie named Russell.

In addition to enjoying her podcasts below, you can learn more at TamiNeumann.com.


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