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Whole Care Network TRAVEL

Whole Care Network Travel is where caregivers plan their travel! Our Certified Accessible Travel Advocate and Cruise Line International Association member (CLIA), Christopher MacLellan, ensures your safe travel by sea, land or air.

As a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate, Whole Care Network Travel can connect you with just about any durable medical device you use at home, delivered to your cabin, stateroom or hotel world-wide!

Royal Caribbean Certified



Whole Care Network Travel is proud to be certified as both Master of Adventure and Bachelor of Adventure through Royal Caribbean University. Training includes every aspect of a signature Royal Caribbean vacation, including details about the fleet, dining, accommodations, entertainment, accessible programming, and destinations.

Because travel is for everyone!

At Whole Care Network Travel, we also specialize in group cruise and tours. Take your reunion, training session, or conference aboard a ship.  Cruising is cost effective, easy to manage, and enjoyable for the entire family!

If you have additional questions, you can contact us here at the Whole Care Network!

Whole Care Network Travel Certifications

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We are always looking for interesting travel-related publications and will share new stories from them here to start your “travel wheels turning!” If you have a favorite you’d like to see here, just let us know.

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