Toula’s Tips For Caregivers

Your Host: Toula Wootan

Toula Wootan is a nationally recognized caregiver advocate and host of Toula’s Tips For Caregivers. Toula is a dynamic pioneer, dedicated to the mission of “caring for the caregiver” in Northeast Florida and is in the forefront of caregiver issues Nation wide. In 2008 she founded the Caregiver Coalition of Northeast Florida. She works closely with local, state and national organizations and with elder care professionals to continue this mission.

Since 2010, Toula’s weekly radio show, “Toula’s Tips for Caregivers” has offered advice to caregivers. Her guests include respected national speakers and authors, business professionals, managers of local, state and federal programs and spiritual leaders who educate and entertain her audiences. Toula’s show and soothing style provides comfort, care, and sound advice to every caregiver and their families. Guests include national caregiving experts and caregiving celebrities who know and understand what in means to be a caregiver.

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