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The primary caregiver is like the CEO of the care team. They communicate with doctors, nurses, attorneys, and pharmacists. They are the one individual who has knowledge of all caregiving needs.

The primary caregiver makes all product and service decisions in the care of their loved one.

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It’s not just advertising, but educating Whole Care Network followers about your brand. Learning about you, your product or service, and your beliefs about caregiving will turn a prospect into a customer. When that happens, you become a Trusted Partner in the care of their loved one.

The Whole Care Network’s Resources section is where more and more caregivers are turning to place their trust in brands they come to know. You have an opportunity to earn that same Trusted Partner status.

Sponsored Podcast Series

The Sponsored Podcast Series is the primary sponsorship vehicle for placement in The Whole Care Network Resources section. It is a branded series of six podcast episodes, strategically crafted to delve deeply into the key aspects of your product or service, complementing your own marketing efforts.

Each series follows a proven format to introduce you and your product or service, share four or five key topics, then recap and pull everything together in a “Call to Action” episode.

Product or Service Landing Page

As part of your Sponsored Podcast Series, you will receive your own landing page, visible through the Resources menu. This page will have its own unique URL, to use that link in your own online and offline promotional campaigns.

Sponsored Series Landing Pages are full width, allowing you a much larger canvas to tell your story. Our web design team will work with you to craft a page that effectively delivers your marketing message.

Many More Benefits

There are many, many more benefits that come from being a Whole Care Network Trusted Partner in our Resources section. Just a few of those benefits include:

  • Podcasts distributed through popular platforms like iTunes, iHeart Radio, etc.
  • Advertising for our product or service shown throughout The Whole Care Network
  • Your Series promoted through Whole Care Network’s social media channels

We will work closely with you, utilizing our entire stable of media and promotional tools to help you effectively deliver your marketing message.

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Become part of The Whole Care Network’s Resources section as a Trusted Partner. With your own podcast series, you will provide your followers with the right information for them to make informed product and service decisions for their family.

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