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Some Hard Earned – and Learned – Lessons

From Guest Author CJ Golden On a Wednesday evening in May of 2016, as we left a local restaurant after celebrating our anniversary, my husband asked me if I had noticed anything unusual about his speech. “No,” I replied. Joe’s speech, clarity and language skills ...
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Ripples from the Edge of Life with Roland Chesters

December 1 is World AIDS Day and Roland Chesters was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2006 and given two weeks to live at the time of his diagnosis. In his book, Ripples from the Edge of Life, Roland gathers stories from 13 other people diagnosed with ...
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Alz You Need

I remember it well, my senior year in High School and the anticipation of graduating and heading off to college.  Graduating from High School and moving on to College represents a number of life shifting moments, but what is prevalent in our thoughts are one ...
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I think it is safe to say that there are no better milestones in life than birthdays. The first milestone (of course) was being born on February 18, 1957. I was born on the night of the Father/Daughter dance. The dance took place at Nerix ...
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CarePredict Whole Care Network

How To Predict Care with CarePredict

Many of us are old enough to remember the day watching television as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. When I look back on that day (July 20, 1969) I remember everyone being amazed at this historic event. Since that historic day in 1969, ...
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AARP Caregiver Guides

AARP – Much More Than Discounts

Many of you may remember AARP under their former name of American Association of Retired Persons.) In addition to AARP being much easier to say and remember, it subtly removes that "retired" tag. That is apt, since they provide benefits to many more people than ...
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Toula Wooton Toula's Tips for Caregivers

Family Caregiving from a National Perspective

As someone who works in the caregiving field, has a radio show for caregivers, and is a caregiver to both parents, I would like to offer a few thoughts. Family Caregiving Stats Some 43.5 million Americans have served as family caregivers during the past 12 ...
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Preventing Driveway Accidents

On July 1, 2018, a Utah storyline read “Husband runs over wife, kills her in what police call a terrible accident.” Salt Lake City’s CBS affiliate (KUTV-2) went on to report: “Investigators said the woman, in her 90's, got out of the family car to open ...
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Lois Swope Karly Wahlin

Her Spirit Dances

People often think of the elderly when discussing caregiving and end of life. But there are parents who give birth to a child, discovering their precious child will need lifelong care and have challenges they were not expecting. There are countless families and individuals living ...
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